Friday, June 6, 2008

Exhibition fundraising cocktail at "La Rose des Vents", Plage du Larvotto, on 5th June, 2008

The artists with Angelina Herrera, Coordinator Florence Biennale/Passion for Life Program

Antoine Gaber and Mirella Setzu

Eric Heremans of Gemluc and Dr. Georges Garnier

Eric Heremans and Princess Camilla di Borbone

Sietze Groenewold

Sinae Lee, Dr. Georges Garnier, Mrs. and Mr. Brych

Goga Trascierra, Maz Jackson, Sinae Lee

Karel Vreeburg

Antoine Gaber, Betty Jonker, Princess Camilla di Borbone

Antoine Gaber and Michele Cucuzza, journalist and TV anchorman

Antoine Gaber and BĂ©atrice Brych, president of Gemluc

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